Community Involvement
The Friends are open to anyone wanting to lend a hand with Trail maintenance and enhancements. Please contact the Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail via email ( or through Facebook for more information and to learn how you can be part of the trail legacy.

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A photo of a granite bench along the Milford Upper Charles trail.  The engraving on the bench reads 'Happy Trails to all  Richard and Arlene Person'

 Adopt A Trail Program

You, your company or your organization can choose to "adopt" a section of the Trail. As an Adopter you will take on responsibilities such as cleaning, edging, and participating in the
bi-annual Trail wide clean up days.

Adopt A Trail info found here.
Thank you

to all our Current Adopters:

Granite Benches Along The Trail (updated 2/14/2017)
Beginning with 2007 opening of the trail, the granite bench program was created as an enhancement effort to the trail.
To date, there are a total of 26 memorial benches generously donated by private citizens, businesses and organizations that provide visitors with a place to rest, chat with friends or enjoy the views.
Currently, there is a moratorium for the memorial bench program along the existing trail sections, the intent of which is to ensure the preservation of the trail's natural beauty.
A bench waiting list has been created for anyone interested in a memorial bench, however, it is not known at this time, whether there will be additional bench locations available after the phase 3 completion. If you are interested or just curious, please visit our Bench Locations page to see more details.
Thank you for your interest and support of our trail! Please email any questions to the Friends at:

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For the safety, health & enjoyment of everyone,

Please be aware of the following:

Recommended hours of use: Half hour before sunrise and half hour after sunset.

All dogs must be leashed at all times per the town of Milford By-Laws.

Remember to "Scoop the Poop".

Let people know you're passing by by saying: "passing on your left".

Cross intersections safely, observe flashing Red beacons, STOP and LOOK BOTH WAYS, before stepping into the roadway.

Mile markers are located on paved area designated with a letter (ex. Trail A, 1/4 mile) in emergency call 911 and provide letter and mile marker.

Leave no trace behind –PLEASE HELP– we keep our trail clean.
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