Friends of the Milford Trail want to share these very compelling sites with you to emphasize the importance of rail trails that those outside our immediate community are working on.

YouTube videos

Watch "A Drone's Eye View" - The Consigli Construction Crew cleans their adopted Trail section during the Fall 2014 Clean Up event.  Video is courtesy of the Consigli Construction Company.
   (110mb file). (3 min:15 secs)
Heronstone1 describes the rock formations seen along the Trail.
   (time = 2:00 mins)

jkiley1 takes a walk along the Trail and captures some beautiful scenes.
   (time = first 3 minutes of a longer video.

Theresa Mazzarelli records some Trail history and Trail activity from 1999 to 2013.
   (time= 5:43 minutes)

Ride along with FlyTheBlueSky on a tour of the Trail from Fino Field To Hopkinton.
    (time= 20:25)

Ratbas pedals all the way from Hopkinton to Holliston and back!
    (time = 1hr 18 minutes.
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