Trail safety tips and etiquette

Summer is the busiest time on the Milford Upper Charles Trail! With over 1,000 people sharing the trail on a typical weekend day, we also share the responsibility for keeping everyone safe while having fun. Here are a few safety tips to ensure an awesome experience.
Common Safety/Courtesy
Walk or ride on the right.
Move off the paved area when stopping to chat with friends, making a repair or taking a needed break, especially with young children or pets.
Dogs are welcomed but must be leashed.
Store all valuables out of sight in vehicles to prevent smash & grabs.
Call 911 in an emergency or if observing a dangerous situation, taking a picture with your cell phone helps catch offenders!
Leave no trace: take your trash with you or use the receptacles located near the dog cleanup stations or trailheads.
Follow the rules of the road:
Yield to pedestrians.
Stop at stop signs and look both ways before crossing roadways.
Ride on the right, pass on the left.
Call out "on your left" to let pedestrians & other cyclists know that you are passing them on their left or ring your bell to announce your approach.
Children under the age of 12 are required to wear a helmet (MA state law).

Pedestrians / Joggers
Walk / Run on the right
Earbuds? Keep the volume down to increase awareness of other trail users.
Stop at stop signs and look both ways before crossing roadways.


Respect, Protect & Share the natural wildlife habitats along the trail!
Turtles, swans, bunnies, snakes, geese, fox, chipmunks, turkeys and more can be observed, photographed and can provide a valuable learning experience for all.

Dogs / Pets
Dogs must be leashed.
Preserve the water resources & cleanliness of the trail, "Scoop the Poop"! (Dog clean up stations are located near the trailheads)